Dubstep Soundboard App Reviews

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Awesome, fun and good!

Its awesome everyone should have this easy to learn!


Its not bad, you can make some really good beats.. But to record a full song or make a song really hard.. Needs a good layout format. I would suggest buying garage band with this!!

Great app

Very cool app and Great help/customer service


Seems promising, but none of the tracks are grimey enough for me, even slowed all the way down. I prefer my Dubstep DX app, but with a few changes this could easily be among the best out there.

great but..

It has alot of options but it could be a little more user friendly. maybe add some stuff to make the help info better

Dubstep soundboard HD

Wow what an in detain app I think it could be set up a lil different to be a more user friendly but still best app I have found.

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